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Are you too busy with your individual tax filing? Are you new to Singapore individual income tax? Are you uncertain about your tax residency status? Do you know what is taxable and what is not? Are you aware that you may be entitled to some tax deductions?

Taxable and Non-Taxable Income

All income earned in or derived from Singapore is chargeable to income tax.

Generally, overseas income received in Singapore on or after 1 Jan 2004 is not taxable, except in some circumstances. Please refer to Overseas Income Received in Singapore for more details.

Income earned may come from different sources such as:

  • Employment
  • Trade, Business, Profession or Vocation
  • Property or Investments
  • Other Sources (e.g. annuities, royalties, winnings or estate or trust income)


VALON can assist you with your individual tax filing with IRAS:

  • Determine your tax residency status
  • Determine the tax benefits applicable to you
  • Individual tax computation and filing
  • Liaison with local tax authorities

VALON can be your resource and business partner in Asia. Should you wish to receive more detailed information on VALON, please do not hesitate to contact us at