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Applying for Singapore citizenship is an important decision and it’s necessary that you first seriously consider its benefits and drawbacks, for example, Singapore at present does not allow dual-citizenship, and this means you will have to renounce your present citizenship once your Singapore citizenship application is approved.

Some of the benefits of being a Singapore Citizen include:

  • The Singapore International Passport – Our red passport allows Singapore Citizens to travel to several countries for a short period of time without the need to apply for visa.
  • Citizenship for children – A Permanent Resident’s children, despite being born in Singapore, will only be a Permanent Resident. A Singapore Citizen’s children, wherever they are born, they are automatically eligible for Singapore Citizenship.
  • Housing – Citizens over 21 years old enjoy public housing subsidies from Housing Development Board (HDB), and they are also eligible to buy subsidized public housing while PRs can only buy resale flats. Singapore citizens can also buy landed property without restrictions.

VALON can assist you with your Singapore citizenship application, we will help to:

  • Review your application eligibility
  • Guide you in preparing the forms and documents necessary for application

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