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VALON provide a suite of payroll services which allow you to stay focus with your business activities. Outsourcing payroll services can be a cost savings measure to your company. We will ensure the security and confidentiality of information.

Our payroll specialists are able to process payroll from small to large numbers of employees efficiently and we will be responsible for monthly payroll processing, CPF and IR8A submissions.

Our Payroll Services

  • Input personal data of employee to the payroll system and update the Employee Record as required.
  • Processing the monthly salary including new hires and resignations.
  • Processing overtime claims, commissions, allowances, reimbursement of expense claims, salary adjustment and any other deductions.
  • Preparation and Liaison with the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) for the Employer’s Registration.
  • Performing the monthly salary reconciliation, computation of salary for the incomplete month and computation of last salary for resignee including balance annual leave or deductions (if any).
  • Generating payroll reports (Payroll Summary and Bank List) for your approval and advising you of the total remittance required for each month’s payroll.
  • Crediting of net salary payment directly into employee’s bank account.
  • Preparing payslips for your employees.
  • Computation of monthly CPF contributions and arranging payment to the CPF Board on your behalf via electronic CPF online.
  • Preparing year-end bonus and other incentive payments.
  • Process claims from MINDEF for employee on reservist training.
  • Year-end preparation of Form of IR8A/S (Return of Employee’s Remuneration) for submission to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).
  • HR administration records such as Annual Leave, Medical Leave and Employee Insurance. Apart from such records, we can assist in promotion/performance evaluation exercise.
  • Liaise with the relevant Government Authority with regards to Maternity Leave and National Service (NS) Claim Application.
  • Preparation of all the necessary documentation and submission.
  • Assistance in drafting employment contracts and Employment Handbook to comply with Employment Act and the CPF Board





  • 按要求把员工个人信息输入薪资系统以及更新员工记录
  • 处理月薪,包括新员工和辞职员工
  • 处理加班费、佣金、津贴、报销、薪资调整和任何其他扣除
  • 准备以及与中央公积金局(CPF)协调雇主的登记
  • 执行月薪和解、为不完整的月份计算薪金以及与计算已离职员工去年年薪包括年假或扣减(如有的话)
  • 生成薪资报告(薪资汇总和银行列表)以及每月的薪资所需的总汇款通知
  • 直接把净薪金支付计入员工的银行账户
  • 准备员工薪资单
  • 每月的公积金供款计算以及安排电子公积金支付
  • 准备年终分红和其他奖励金
  • 为预备役训练的员工处理国防部索赔
  • 年终IR8A/ S表格(员工薪酬申报)准备提交给新加坡国内税务局(IRAS)
  • 人力资源管理的记录,如年假、病假和雇员保险。除此,我们也能协助升职或工作表现的评价工作
  • 与政府有关当局联络有关产假和国民服役(NS)索赔申请的事宜
  • 准备以及提交所需文件
  • 协助起草符合劳工法和公积金法的雇用合同和就业手册


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