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Need help on corporate compliance matters?

Are you already established but unsure of what are your business compliance needs? VALON is able to help you establish the regulatory requirements for your business, conduct gap analysis, risk assessment and audit, and implement necessary measures to avoid getting into any non-compliance issues.


Looking to improve your business efficiency but not sure where to start?

VALON can help you analyse your business strategy, operational procedure and financials, inform you of business areas where you can improve on, provide recommendations, and execute new strategy and measures for improvement.


Looking for funds to grow your business?

VALON can introduce you to some financial institutions or investment firms whom we know in our network. However, this service is only available to selected firms. Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.


Need bespoke training for your employees on certain areas?

VALON is able to conduct customized training sessions with bespoke materials on various topics such as marketing, leadership, change transformation, strategy, finance and investments, and compliance and regulatory training. Training sessions may be 1-to-1 or done in a group depending on your business needs.

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