Running a Business without Proper Legal and Compliance?

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Running a Business without Proper Legal and Compliance?

Complying to local regulations and protecting your company’s rights is essential for all businesses, particularly at the start-up stage. We noticed that many business owners will forego having proper legal and compliance procedures in place for reasons such as:

  1. Company is new and relatively small; or
  2. Legal and compliance services are costly
  • Company is new and relatively small

Regardless of the age and size of any business organisation, it is imperative to have compliance procedures in place, and even better, legal documents to suit your business needs. Businesses need to know what are the regulations they need to comply with, the legal and compliance risks they are exposed to, consequences, compliance procedures necessary and how to mitigate those risks. On the issue of business contracts, when dealing with another company and having to accept their terms and conditions (which may be onerous and biased) due to the absence of legal documents on your end may be detrimental to your business. In such a situation, a well-drafted Service Agreement which clearly sets out the terms and conditions your company is willing to honor or accept, not only protect your firm’s interest, but is also a clear indication of good business management and professionalism to any potential partners or investors. This applies to the businesses whether as clients themselves or as service providers.

  • Legal and compliance services are costly

While legal and compliance costs are rising with increasing regulations, some documents can still be obtained at a reasonable price or agreed before any work is undertaken by the compliance professionals or legal counsels. While there may be others who still shy away from this and risk running the business without any proper compliance procedures and legal documents, business owners must always remember that it is important to comply than explain or to be sorry.


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