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Creating Value through Business Excellence

Valon Corporate Services Private Limited (“VALON”) is a management consulting, family office support and corporate services firm providing a range of high quality professional services designed to ease your concerns regarding your business in Asia. Our team is highly experienced and well equipped to handle your business needs.

With the combination of our specialisation, experience and knowledge, we come together to assist our Clients with an affordable solution and upmost service level. We highly believe that our services will add value to our clients. Hence, our clients are able to focus in running their business to achieve their profitability.

Our personalized services are sensitive to individual needs while maintaining high standards of accuracy & integrity.

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威隆企业服务私人有限公司Valon Corporate Services Private Limited (“威隆”或“VALON”) 家管理咨询和企业服务公司,我们提供一系列的优质服务,旨在缓解您亚洲业务的顾虑。我们的团队拥有丰富的经验与精良的装备,以处理您的业务需求。



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