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Proper business licensing is essential for every business and its stakeholders. Firms without knowing and obtaining the right business license, run the risk of potential operational problems and business closure. VALON will assist you in obtaining the necessary business licenses for operating your business. We will:

  • Research to determine the licensing requirements
  • Provide an overview of the licenses, permits, and tax registrations required for your business.
  • Provide contact information of the licensing authority, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.
  • Preparation of forms and completion of all paperwork, including attachments, necessary for application
  • Liaison with the licensing authorities on your behalf
  • Submitting the applications to the licensing authorities on your behalf



适当的商业许可对每家企业及其利益相关者至关重要。企业若不知或无他们所需的营业执照,企业将面临潜在经营操作问题和企业倒闭的风险。威隆(VALON)将协助您取得您业务所需的营业执照。 我们能:

  • 调查以确定许可要求
  • 提供您企业需要的执照、许可证和税收注册的概述。
  • 提供政府有关当局的联络信息,包括姓名、地址、电话号码、电子邮箱等。
  • 准备所需的表格并完成文书工作,包括附件。
  • 替您与有关当局联络
  • 替您提交申请
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